Delrex Brites picks are the perfect choice for guitarists looking for a flawless playing experience. With a winning combination of material, gauge options, and diverse shapes, molded delrin picks empower you to take full control of your tone and let out your musical creativity without any bounds.

    Crafted from a proprietary Delrex material, these picks are carefully created to offer a perfect blend of brightness, warmth, and a gripping texture that takes your playing experience to the next level.

    The Delrex Brites Advantage:

    Here are some additional reasons why molded delrin picks such as Delrex Brites should be your go-to choice:

    Made in the USA: 

    Delrex Brites picks are proudly crafted in the United States, ensuring high-quality materials and manufacturing processes. We guarantee each pick to be flawless with the best quality.

    Unmatched Grip:

    Delrex Brites guitar picks feel smooth to hold but have an ever so slight texture to them which allows guitarists to have an unshakeable grip on it and prevent any mishaps like fallen picks or missed notes.

    Variety of Colors:

    With so many beautiful colors available, you can beautify your guitar gear and express yourself with the vibrant selection of colors and flaunt your style and personality.

    Consistent Quality: 

    At Picks of Destiny all our picks along with the Delrex Brites go through rigorous quality control procedures to make sure each pick delivers the performance you expect it to give.

    Know What's Best for You

    At Picks of Destiny, we offer molded delrin picks in a remarkable range of thicknesses, ranging from 0.5 mm to 1.21 mm. Each pick is meticulously designed to cater to a specific tonal palette and playing style. Explore from our collection to find the perfect match for yourself:

    Ultra-Thin Picks (0.50mm - 0.60mm):

    These picks are as light as feather yet, produce lazor-sharp articulation. These picks are a must have for all the shredders out there as they are ideal for super fast picking techniques.

    Thin Picks (0.65mm - 0.78mm): 

    If you want a perfect balance between speed and control, thin picks are your saviors. They are also a great investment as they do not only serve their purpose for a specific type of playing but are a versatile choice for a wide range of genres. They excel at fast picking techniques and provide remarkable clarity for delicate passages, making them a popular choice for rhythm and lead guitarists alike.

    Medium Picks (0.80mm - 1.00mm): 

    The golden standard for many players, medium picks offer a well-rounded sonic character. They provide a satisfying balance between brightness and warmth, allowing for clear picking articulation and a touch of fullness that's perfect for blues, rock, and a number of other styles.

    Thick Picks (1.10mm - 1.20mm): 

    When the goal is to create a rich tone with exceptional control, definitely go for these heavy hitters. Thick Delrex Brites picks work wonders for genres like blues, classic rock, and heavier styles where precise note articulation is paramount.

    Ready to elevate your playing? Order your Delrex Brites guitar picks today and experience the difference!