Jazz It Up with Picks of Destiny

For all the jazz guitarists out there, we’ve got the perfect thing in store for you! Are you seeking the perfect combo of articulation, control, and long-lasting performance? You are at the right place! Get your hands on the Radex Jazz Pick to satisfy all your needs and fulfill all your wishes.

Crafted from groundbreaking Polyphenylsulfone (PPS) material, this pick is built to endure and delivers an outstanding playing experience that goes above and beyond all traditional options.

Indestructible Feel: Bye-bye to the embarrassing mid-solo pick snaps. Radex Picks are renowned for their stress resistance. The sturdy PPS material makes your pick capable of withstanding even the most aggressive playing, letting you focus on your musical expression without any other worry occupying your thoughts.

Long-Lasting Performance: The Radex Jazz Pick is known to retain its shape and responsiveness even over long periods of use. Save yourself some money and time by eliminating the need for constant pick changes. 

Minimal Wear, Maximum Confidence: The Radex Jazz picks boast a smooth, polished surface that hardly experiences any wear, ensuring consistent performance and a proud collection of guitar gear.

Warmth and Clarity: With the Radex Jazz Pick you get a perfectly distinct warm but clear tone. This balance delivers a rich jazzy performance ensuring your notes ring out with clarity and provide a jazzy experience in its full essence. 

Precise Control: The Radex Jazz pick is carefully crafted in the standard shape with which the tip offers exceptionally defined string sound, allowing for great control over every pick stroke. Whether you're creating delicate patterns or unleashing your inner lightning-fast jazz beast, the Radex Jazz Pick precisely translates your intentions to your audience.

Regular price$8.99

Our standard production period typically spans around three weeks, not including transit time. We do provide an expedited service for $60, enabling delivery within approximately one week. If you require delivery by a specific date, kindly inform us.

We offer custom guitar picks in sets of 100 pieces and branded guitar picks in sets of 12 pieces.

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